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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. right now at 11:00, a triple threat. heavy rain just started and more is on the way in the next few
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hours. widespread flooding concerns for later this week. and tropics trouble with joaquin this weekend. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. tracking first alert radar. most of the valley is getting heavy rain. the heavy stuff is coming from the south. earlier people were walking around central city with their umbrellas at the ready. let's get the latest with what's happening now with chief meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz. glen? >> visibility is down, and it's a good ning tthing the phillies finished playing because it's pouring. look at this orange and red indicating heavy rain, moving from south to north, delaware to new jersey, right through philadelphia now and it's about to go through southeastern pennsylvania. some of the heaviest rain in w newcastle county and new salem
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county and new jersey. this is moving straight north sb into the philadelphia area. it's getting very heavy. also heavy rain coming into chester county. there's more where that came from in maryland, chesapeake bay. some parts of maryland have received three to five inches of rain already, and we're going to continue to see some occasionally heavy rain overnight and into the morning. you can get interactive radar and keep track of when the rain is going to pass your area any time on the nbc 10 news app. you can also share photos with us to show us what you're seeing. we'll have more on those other threats coming up. fake or real? what happened inside chester high school was no laughing matter. tonight the student who took a toy gun to school, a toy gun that looked all too real, will not face felony charges. as nbc 10's doug shimel reports, the state wants laws changed
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because the teen put a lot of people, including himself, in danger. >> see this gun? this looks like the gun i am carrying right now. >> reporter: police say the 15-year-old boy who brought an air gun into chester high school is just plain lucky. >> toy or no toy, this is no joke. and this could get him killed by the police or someone else with a gun. >> reporter: last november, 12-year-old tamir rice was shot and killed by a police officer in cleveland, ohio who mistook his air gun for a real one. it almost appears identical to the air gun recovered today from chester high school. >> on the side of t it's markit marked as a colt 1911, which is a replica of a colt 1911 weapon. >> reporter: but this is where the charges fall short. >> the teenager is being charged with possession of a weapon on school property. the reason we deemed it to be a weapon is because it's a bb gun. >> reporter: that's only a
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first-degree misdemeanor and the student wasn't taken into custody. >> this is a horrendous message to send to this community that you can do what you damn well please, and if it looks like a toy, you can put it out. >> reporter: the d.a. says the issue needs to be taken to the legislature. >> we need to look at that law and say maybe it should be a felony of the third degree instead of a misdemeanor crime if you're going to bring a gun to school. >> reporter: in chester, i'm doug shimel, nbc 10 news. an investigation is under way after a body was found off the coast of ocean city, new jersey. police say an unidentified female was pulled from the water near 57th street. they released these photos, one of a tattoo on the right shoulder with a heart and the name patrick, and a second on her right forearm with the name steven. anybody with information is asked to contact new jersey state police. also at 11:00, families
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seeking answers and pushing for an arrest. today marks almost two months since the street racing crash in northeastern philadelphia that killed three young people. but no one is behind bars, and the victims' families told us they can't wait much longer. >> reporter: amid the shouts of young children, balloons and candles floated into the night sky this evening, a visual reminder of lives lost and lingering pain. >> we want justice. something has to be done. >> reporter: lorraine hernandez' nephew filipe is among the dead. his friends, 17-year-old sabrina rhodes, and ed gonzalez, were also killed in the crash that left this car basically split in two. surveillance video from moments before shows its driver racing another car at three times the speed limit along the industrial road in bustleton. beyond threet ve three victims were killed mourned at this
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vigil tonight, another one was badly injured and remains at the hospital even tonight. >> any time i see accidents like this, it's messed up. people need to be more careful. >> reporter: the second car never stopped and the driver walked away from the scene, essentially a hit and run in the minds of some families. earlier this month, nbc 10 investigators found there were more than 20,000 hit and runs in the philadelphia area in the last year and a half. police are still working to build a rock solid case. but as they filled balloons and gathered in song tonight -- >> i will dwell in the house of the lord for years to come. >> reporter: -- the pain and the waiting is growing more difficult. reporting in northeast philadelphia, george spencer, nbc 10 news. tomorrow marks day 92 without a budget in pennsylvania, and local schools are no closer to getting the money they need from the state. today governor tom wolf vetoed a stopgap spending plan that would
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have helped schools and non-profits. wolf says the state needs a long-term solution, not a short-term fix. >> there is real pain, i understand, and the longer this impasse goes, there is real pain for a lot of schools and agencies and organizations throughout the state. but we need to get it right. >> we asked the governor could this go into 2016 and did not get a firm answer back. we're getting in some new numbers tonight that show how the pope's visit impacted philadelphia's economy, and it turns out many businesses got less than half of the customers they would get on a typical weekend. according to a financial report released today, retail and clothing stores got only 21% of a normal weekend's business. restaurants didn't do much better, only 45% of a normal weekend's customers. but hotels seemed to fare better with an 88% occupancy rate. that's the same as a typical weekend. within the last half hour,
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kelly gisdemunor asked the state court to stay her misdemeanor again. that request was denied. she was charged with plotting to kill her boyfriend nearly 20 years ago. she appealed for clemency last tuesday and called for an end to executions on his trip to philadelphia. gisdemanor is the only woman on death row. tomorrow one more juror needs to be selected before the trial begins in the deadly building collapse in center city. the contractor charged with murder faces a trial. demolition contractor jason campbell faces third-degree murder charges for the collapse of a four-story building wall. it fell on a salvation army thrift store on market street back in june of 2013. six people were killed, dozens of others were injured. the griffin campbell construction company had been doing demolition for weeks prior to the deadly collapse. now the jurors will decide whether campbell carried out
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that process in a criminally reckless manner. shawn beenschop pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. he faces 20 years in prison when he is sentenced next month. trial dates have been set for six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the trial is expected to begin november 30. charges against porter on the top right of your screen include manslaughter and assault. all six officers will be charged separately. charges range from second-degree assault to second-degree depraved heart murder. gray suffered injuries in the back of a police van. someone sexually assaulted and robbed a student near campus on carlisle and masters street. the student says she was on the
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way home from ligthe library wha man grabbed her from behind. she managed to call for help using an emergency alert system. they sent out a call to the entire campus. they're also stepping up security on campus to keep students safe. let's get back to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> most of the rain is overnight, then we'll get a bit of a break tomorrow, and round 2 comes in on thursday. that's coming from the south. those are tropical rains but not from the tropical storm itself. by thursday and into friday, we've got some really heavy rain coming in. especially late thursday into friday. perhaps 2 to 4 irchnches of rai with isolated higher amounts. there will be some flooding as a result of that, beach erosion, the winds will be picking up and also some messy commutes.
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that's round 2. more about round 3. that's joaquin, coming up. also ahead, jersey shore officials already prepping for tropical storm joaquin. what's being done to prevent serious flooding? a construction boom hitting old city. how residents will clog city streets. plus a south jersey crime spree. the stores these men are hitting and why police say they're not going to stop.
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hammers and dark-hooded sweatshirts reportedly tipped off people in the area. they were wearing the same outfits and using the same tools. the men will likely continue their spree until they're caught. check out this surveillance footage of a nail salon robbery in logan, philadelphia. a man got his manicure and pulled out a sawed-off shotgun
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and demanded money. you can see them jumping over the counter and taking off. a huge construction project and others are in the works. the construction boom is centered on race street. more than 600 new apartments are coming and that means a lot of additional people in already crowded old city. nbc 10's keith jones reports. >> reporter: this neighborhood here on second street is quite unique. it is the nation's oldest residential neighborhood built in 1720. the national products building next to it. to neighbors it's a sign of old obstacles and new life. peeling paint. some call the old building an eyesore. >> i don't know what it is or what it was. it looks like a lot of empty, unused space. >> reporter: nicole works out across the street. she lives next door to the national. while she called the building
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outdated, they were at six stories. >> the construction happened right next door, and i think ultimately while there was something there and something finished, it will be nice. >> there is no timeline for the million and a half dollar proposal, but still, some people aren't fond of the idea. >> i sort of panicked. it's almost impossible to get around this kind of town. >> more people mean less parking, which is also at a premium. >> i don't like the idea of a lot of construction going on. >> reporter: but the neighbor admits it will be good for the neighborhood and her five-month-old son jack. >> overall, i don't mind the idea of more neighbors and people kind of bringing interest to the neighborhood. >> reporter: other neighbors agree saying the proposal is a sign of resurgence. on second street, keith jones, nbc 10 news. 140 characters could soon be a thing of the past. twitter execs are reportedly considering a new service to allow you to share your thoughts
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in longer form without having to leave your feed. nothing has been finalized, but industry sources say it is trending in that direction. an iconic landmark at the jersey shore is in lead of a little love. lucy the elephant stands six stories tall in margate, but her age is starting to show. repairs began a few months ago, but they still need $36,000 to cover costs. they're selling t-shirts at $20 apiece to help raise money. now to the very latest on tropical storm joaquin, and people on the jersey shore are keeping a close eye. people in belmar are working around the clock. there is a race to pump money out of lake cuomo before the storm moves into joaquin. tonight belmar's mayor says they are turning up sand dunes to keep the sea at bay. for days the forecasted rain and
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a possible tropical storm. glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now. glenn, everybody wants to know about the timing of this tropical storm and when it will impact us. >> this tropical storm is moving so slowly, it may take until the weekend before that one comes this way. we have two other issues to deal with before that. first, right now, you can see a tremendous area of rain across just about the entire area, some of this very heavy. it's moving fairly quickly but it's such a large area that we're going to really pile up some rain and see some localized flooding before morning. there's more in eastern maryland and southern delaware getting ready to come up in the next few hours. most of the rain is going to fall while a lot of you are asleep. a lot of rain fell in maryland in just over a few hours. just to give you an idea of how much rain, this estimate is over 4 inches of rain, 3 inches near baltimore. already you're two inches just south of dover and that's just the beginning.
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part 1 here, what to expect overnight, rain most heavy north and west. that's where we're likely to get some of that localized flooding. by morning we're starting to see the showers tapering off and the rain ending north and west. but that's just a temporary lull. round 2 is going to be coming up from the south over thursday and into friday, and some of that rain is kind of tropical in nature and is going to be on the heavy side. that is not related to the tropical storm which, by the way, is almost a hurricane already. it continues to strengthen, and the latest advisory just out shows it's up to 7 miles an hour. the pressure is down, but it's barely moving. look at the way it's moved so far. it's not moving toward us, it's moving away from us, so it's going to take quite a while before it would come up this
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the computer model sais all ove the place for the next couple days, but then we see a general motion and a general left turn those left turn type of hurricanes are the most forecast from the hurricane center not only makes it a hurricane, but turns it over this very warm water, the red and the purple, into a category 2, 100-mile-an-hour winds by saturday night. that's still a long way away. it's not raining here from that if it's that slow. but eventually there is likely to be that left turn, and that's going to create more rain, more coastal flooding and more problems. with all the rain coming in the first two parts, look at what this latest computer model is showing. by the time we get to monday, and many other models are just about as bullish. 5 to 10 inches of rain in parts of the area, if joaquin does come up close to us. it doesn't have to make a direct
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hit. rain heavy at times tonight with localized flooding by morning. 75 degrees for the low. tomorrow warm and humid, some showers mainly in the morning. most of the afternoon should be dry, it will be relatively warm, and then the 7-day forecast, we have colder air coming on thursday and heavy rain thursday night and into friday, then over the weekend, that would be determined by the track of joaquin, and this is an extreme weather pattern setting up, and when you get extreme patterns, sometimes you get extreme and rare movements of storms. they don't normally make the left turns, but because of this particular setup, it's likely to happen. >> like you said, it doesn't have to turn and come directly toward us. we're still likely to feel that impact. >> we're going to get rain, we're going to get strong winds, we're going to get coastal flooding beach erosion. it's just a question of how serious it's going to be. get the latest on traffic with rain on the way.
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nbc 10 has you covered starting at 4:00 a.m. john, if we could just keep all of the eagles healthy. >> you got it. the eagles do get two key players back in practice today but they lose two others for the season. plus philly highlights. and why are all the fans laughing at this fan at yankee stadium? he had the chance at three foul balls tonight. wait until you see what happened. that's next.
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i'm john clark from comcast sports net. good news for the eagles. demarco murray return to the game saturday. pro bowl kicker cody parky will
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miss the rest of the year with a groin injury, so the eagles have signed this guy, tony sturgis. he kicked for the dolphins the last two years. parky had a groin injury the past two seasons. this time he tore a groin muscle heading into the jets game and he kicked through it. >> it wasn't feeling good in warmups just from the start, and i obviously -- i knew i was the only kicker so i just had to suck it up and i went through a lot of pain during the game, but i hit all my kicks. >> you have to stay ready in a competitive league, and there's a lot of good kickers out there, so just staying ready down in florida. >> changing of the guard otn t e offensive line, tobin taking that spot today, dennis kelly. phillies hosting the mets tonight.
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barto bartola cologne had a nice hit. phillies beat the mets 4-3. a lot of fans go to the park with the hope of getting a ball. how about this fan at yankee stadium tonight? he had a chance at three foul balls. look at this, the first one, naw, right through the hands. this one, easy to get. not so much. then the ball boy tried to help get him one. he can't even pick that one up. three errors in a row right here. not so much and that is terrible. look at the fans laughing at him. i probably couldn't do much better, though. sixers opening camp today the center of attention. julia okelfort on the court. the two men believe they will work well together. >> i don't fight too many bigger men than maryland.
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>> i'm john clark. that is your sports. we'll be right back.
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palm view's diner in cherry hill played host to the cancer refund dinner tonight. he gave in to cancer in 2007. proceeds benefit the md cancer center. we're watching the weather closely. >> we've got three different systems. the first one tonight will dump a couple inches of rain and cause localized flooding. a second one thursday into friday, and that's even without considering joaquin which is likely to become a hurricane by tomorrow morning. and it's not moving very much now, but it is likely to eventually make a northerly turn and then that left turn that we do not like to see, those
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left-turning hurricanes that can make landfall can cause the most problems. >> we'll be watching it closely. that's nbc 10 at 11:00. thank you for watching. "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon is next.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- julianne moore. mark-paul gosselaar. musical guest dnce.


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